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We deliver the most powerful and comprehensive work execution digital platform, focused on people and processes to ensure that your digital transformation will maximize production output and minimize maintenance costs.

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reduction in 4-6 months
Labour productivity
PM compliance
achieved in 2 months

Maintenance Excellence =
Profits $$$

Maintenance excellence is doing the right maintenance, at the right moment, at the lowest cost.

Maximize production output by eliminating unplanned downtime and transition from reactive to proactive maintenance.

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Visual Planner Planning and Scheduling Software

Visual Planner
Digital Platform

The most powerful maintenance work execution digital platform

Visual Planner is used by over 10,000 reliability professionals worldwide, providing outstanding value to organizations in all industries. Learn how you can transition to planned maintenance by putting in place the IPSPEC maintenance work execution cycle in the easiest and most efficient manner with Visual Planner.

Discover Visual Planner
Discover Visual Planner

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We lead our clients to become top performers in their industries and maximize profits.

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View Success Stories

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CiM Maintenance serves clients that are major players in their industries and located all around the world

Power Generation
Oil & Gas

We’ve enabled power generation companies of all types to obtain a rapid ROI and reduce their maintenance costs, including fossil fuel plants, hydro-electric dams and wind farms.

We’ve successfully completed implementation projects for many oil & gas companies, including several prominent companies in the natural gas processing industry.

Our solutions help schedule maintenance for one of the world’s busiest airports and one of the world’s busiest rail systems.

Our list of clients includes public utility companies of all sizes, including those for some of the major cities in North America and around the world.

We have worked with a wide variety of manufacturing companies to increase their competitiveness, including food processing plants, chemical plants and more.

Our solutions have been implemented by companies operating in many areas of the mining industry, including precious metals mining, aluminum production and industrial mining equipment maintenance.

CiM has a very long history supporting EAM software and process implementations for facilities of all types, including hospitals, universities, large retail properties, theme parks and more.

We have worked with several organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, including one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world.

For over 20 years, organizations all around the world have profited from our expertise. We have helped leaders develop a long-term vision and apply strategic action plans to achieve their business objectives.

Achieve Maintenance

Our program empowers leaders to put in place all of the steps required to achieve maintenance excellence.

The program


CiM Maintenance has successfully completed maintenance consulting and process optimization projects on six of the seven continents (Antarctica is next!)


I really like the Visual Planner. It allows you to fully load schedules for the week and then easily see the priorities of individual work orders in a graphical manner. This graphical ability helps you manage the weekly schedule during the daily churn as the week unfolds. Fully loading schedules and monitoring schedule compliance is the key to high crew productivity. Visual Planner is a great system.

Doc Palmer

Author of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook

Visual Planner Suite bridges the gap between what a planner “might have” and “should have”. It connects all the key resources in the system in such an efficient way that the ‘business as usual’ becomes easier for all relevant stakeholders. Moreover, CiM consultants are always there for you whenever you need them to assist you in achieving your organization's goal. They guide you in every possible way to maximize your KPI’s, like a mentor. It’s the combination of cutting-edge technology, years of industry experience and professionalism which makes CiM more than a consultant in the hustling world of operations.

Khairul Anam


CiM’s expertise in PM processes and best practices highly benefited our Operations Managers in creating the proper PM program for their teams. They were able to deliver on time and on budget, overcoming many constraints. I highly recommend CiM and will continue to engage them in the future for asset management-related projects.

Bethanne Clark

Cadillac Fairview

The difference between CiM Maintenance and other consultants is their field knowledge and expertise, which helped us big time, compared with just having IT/software support knowledge.

Andrew Boekhoudt

WEB Aruba